“I began new business venture in January 2014. I was really excited and full of hopes and dreams. If you are a business owner you can appreciate all the time and effort that it takes to get a new business up and running. Marketing in my opinion is a key ingredient in any business. Exposure and product recognition are essential. This requires a significant investment. Most of us do not have large sums of money when we dive into our small business ventures. We do it becuase we are passionate about our product. We believe in it. It works and we love what we do. Unfortunately those emotions don't pay the bills. Can you remember the last time you got 200% return on your marketing investment? Do you remember the last time you where exited about going to the office? Do have an excess of leads? Well, since joining the Laguna Chamber of Commerce in less than 4 months I have achieved amazing success in my business. Joining the chamber was such a small financial investment. In return, I have met an outstanding group of professional men and women. They are supportive and real team players. I highly encourage every business big or small to seriously consider joining our amazing chamber. You never know who will meet and where that relationship will take your business. It happened to me and I'm very grateful! We get together once a month and network at our chamber mixer. Its nice to see everyone and make those priceless business relationships that bring abundance and wealth to our business. Hope to see you at the next mixer!” Sandra Pascal, dOTERRA Wellness Advocate - Hanna Chiropractic Wellness Center



I have been working with Toby the last 4 years for my computer service work. Recently I needed a new computer since my Windows XP would no longer be supported by Microsoft. Toby and I met and after explaining my needs to him he recommended the Windows 7. We scheduled time for him to pick up the computer while I was in Las Vegas and then he came out on a Saturday and set it up. There were some challenges in transferring over all of my files from the old to the new. But Toby stayed on it until everything was just how I wanted it. I have found him to be very knowledgeable, quiet while working, and reasonable with his professional fees. I would heartily recommend him as I have to some of my clients/friends, and will continue to do so. Thank you for putting us together through the Chamber.  - Paul Pendorf, Insurance Agent



I just had my car serviced at Allen Family Automotive Group. I was having some problems, and they scheduled me that same day. As someone who is in tune with what customer service is really about, I cannot stress enough how the all the employees (service reps, car runners, etc.) exceeded my expectations. If anybody saw me alone for just a minute, someone was coming up to me and making sure I was getting the help I needed. Customer-focused service seems to be part of the culture at Allen. The car was fixed, washed and delivered in top-notch condition. We are fortunate to have such a great company be a member of the Laguna Niguel Chamber.    – Tom Mauro, Mauro Advisory Services